Early Stage Researcher

Erasmus Universitair Medisch Centrum Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Social Epidemiology
Research interests
Social inequalities in health, Social and health policy
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Vernon Cail, MPH, MPA, MSc

My life so far

I am from Chicago, Illinois in the United States. I have a bachelor degree in kinesiology and master’s degrees in public health, public administration, and epidemiology. I gained valuable research experience while working as a project coordinator in a community research study that aimed to identify risk factors within the home environment that contributed to childhood obesity in Chicago’s disadvantaged communities. During this role, I developed a deep desire to understand how poverty impacts health and to help the most vulnerable populations achieve optimal health.

Tackling social inequalities of health

The SURREAL project offers the appropriate training that will equip me with the essential skills and knowledge to conduct health disparity research. My PhD topic focuses on applying a systems-based approach in understanding how social inequalities of health in urban environments affects health behaviors. I hopes that his research will ultimately inform policymakers on how to address health and social issues.

A little bit about me

In my spare time, I enjoy visiting local coffee shops.

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