Urban Health System



A 4-year Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network on Urban Health

What is the impact of environmental exposures on
health & health related behaviors?

About our research
How does living in a large city affect cardiovascular health and mental health? And how can we design a city that stimulates exercise and healthy eating?
With the SURREAL Innovative Training Network (ITN) we want to develop a comprehensive understanding of the complex relationships between exposures to environments, behaviors and urban health.

We do this through cutting edge research, co-creation and collaboration with academics and stakeholders. Our goal is to identify, implement and evaluate interventions at the individual and urban level to improve health and health equity.
We are at a clear turning point in which we are moving towards an increasingly urbanized world and with it, the need to embrace the consequences this can have for health – both the benefits and the challenges." 

- World Health Organization (WHO)
A team of Early stage researchers

Training the next generation of public health professionals

The aim of the action is to deliver a unique, creative and single training network for 15 ESR students working on an improved understanding of the urban health system's complexity.

Equipped with this expertise and supported by innovative training formats, such as Collaborative Learning in Practice (CLiP), SURREAL trains the next generation of professionals in urban health.
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