Early Stage Researcher

Universiteit Hasselt (Belgium)
Non-communicable disease biology, Nutrition, Air pollution
Research interests
Public health, Environmental Epidemiology, Policy
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Shradha Mishra, MSc

The journey so far

Hi there! I grew up in a small industrial city in Eastern India and moved to Delhi to pursue my under graduation in Medical Biotechnology. Thereafter, I developed a keen interest in health sciences and went on to obtain a Master’s degree in Clinical and Public Health Nutrition from University College London. My project there focused on determining the risk of recurrent cardiovascular events in people with Diabetes. As an ESR for the SURREAL project, I am now enrolled for a PhD in Biomedical Sciences at Hasselt University, Belgium.

Research Description and Interests

Under the supervision of Prof Dr Tim Nawrot, I aim to investigate the impact of in-utero air pollution exposure on cardiometabolic health and biological aging in young children. The findings from this research could be crucial contributions to the evidence base on the importance of green spaces and healthy lifestyle choices. I hope my research can eventually aid in the development of policies that promote a healthier living environment for the future generations.

My interest in moving to Europe was two-fold: Primarily, I’d always been fascinated by the extensive research resources that are utilized to support the public health systems. Secondly, the rich historical and cultural appeal, unique to every country in this region- which I now enjoy exploring at every chance I get!

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