Early Stage Researcher

Wageningen University (Netherlands)
Urban And Regional Planning, Collaborative Governance, Health Inequalities, Urban Policy, Participatory Action Research
Research interests
Urban Planning, Sustainable Development, Collaborative Governance, Policymaking And Placemaking, Social Inclusion, Social Health Disparities, Acculturation And Urban Health
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Rihab Oubaidah, MA, MSc

In the complex tapestry of socio-economic and cultural challenges, planners wield the power to weave connections across diverse disciplines, like a holistic dance in which an open and curious mind are needed to transcend conventional boundaries.

From north Africa to western Europe:

I was born and raised in Rabat, the vibrant capital of Morocco, where I pursued and earned my diploma in architecture and urban planning. After gaining valuable experience as the provincial architect/policymaker with the Ministry of the Interior for two years, I embarked on a transformative journey in Belgium. There, I pursued my second master's degree at KU Leuven in Sustainable Development, achieving graduation with magna cum laude honors.

Throughout my academic voyage, I immersed myself in diverse research initiatives, spanning community land trusts’ development, participatory studies in South Africa, and action research in Belgium. This rich and varied background underscores my capacity as a multidisciplinary team player, skilled in addressing various aspects of community well-being enhancement.

Presently, I am actively involved in health promotion interventions and participatory youth research as a part of the SURREAL project with Wageningen University and Research in Netherlands. This innovative initiative seeks to co-create tailored, health-focused interventions for a minority youth group, specifically those of Moroccan descent. Beyond physical well-being, my commitment extends to tackling critical issues such as social exclusion, stigma, and the pervasive sense of non-belonging.

Nurturing Well-being through Human-Centric Qualitative Research

By immersing myself in diverse qualitative research methods within the SURREAL framework, I aim to capture the intricacies of the experiences, challenges, and aspirations of the Moroccan youth community. This approach goes beyond the conventional understanding of research; it transforms into a lifelong mission where each insight, each story, and each voice becomes a catalyst for possible positive change.

In essence, the SURREAL project becomes a platform for bridging the gap between research and real-life impact. It reflects the belief that the true richness of knowledge lies in the narratives of individuals, and by placing human beings at the forefront of qualitative research, we not only gain a deeper understanding of their lives but also actively contribute to building a more inclusive, healthier society—one where the outcomes of research extend far beyond academic realms and resonate in the lived experiences of the community.


In addition to my professional pursuits, I have a keen interest in traveling, exploring diverse cultures, photography, and discovering new coffee shops—a passion that adds vibrancy to my life's journey.

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