Early Stage Researcher

Universite du Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
Embodiment of place, Health inequalities, Citizen science, Games, Identity, Multicultural-Multigenerational dialogue, Mixed methods
Research interests
Social stratification and inequality, Urban studies, Sociology of development, Climate change
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Mugdha Chandratreya, MA

If we want to solve the epic problems the world faces; its essential that we listen to the local communities more than we listen to the industry!

I am a Doctoral student in the Department Of Geography And Spatial Planning at the University of Luxembourg. I was born in Mumbai, India. I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology at University of Mumbai. I moved to a city named Pune to complete my of Master of Arts in Sociology. I then worked as an Assistant professor in Pune for almost 2 years.

Qualitative research and health

I collaborate with the ITN SURREAL (System approach to urban environment and health) project as an Early Stage Researcher. My contribution includes qualitative research work like assessing motivation, personal reflection, knowledge and skills acquisitions of four levels of citizens engagement (crowd-sourcing, distributed intelligence, participatory science and full citizen science) in four qualitative case studies in which participants use games. Within the project I specifically want to focus on the politics of the climate-crisis and public health.

The role of games in citizen science projects

I am interested in exploring how games/gamification can prove to engage more people in the scientific process. I am also exploring citizen science as a methodology with public health at the core of it. I am most interested in exploring the concept of embodiment of place to understand health outcomes.

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