Early Stage Researcher

Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (Luxembourg)
Virtual Reality, Systematic review and meta-analysis, Public health
Research interests
Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Human-computer interaction, Public health (Physical and Mental health), and Users' preferences
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Marzieh Ghanbari, MSc

urban health should be considered more than anytime else, and that's easier than anytime too; using new technologies such as Virtual Reality''

I was born in Shiraz, a historical-cultural city in Iran, famous for its poets, literature, and Perspolis, where I finished my bachelor's in ''Urban planning''. I was passionate about quality of life and the impacts of environmental attributes on citizens; thus, it was a rational path to continue a master's degree in ''Urban Design''. I moved to Tehran, the capital of Iran, to obtain my master's degree at the Iran University of Science and Technology.

Beginning of the research path

As a  master thesis, I worked on the impacts of colors on users' mental and physical health during walking. I used Virtual Reality to receive users' preferences and feedback for my design, which inspired me to use technologies in urban health. Prior to joining the SURREAL project, I worked as a University lecturer.

SURREAL-ITN project to promote a better quality of life

I believe the interdisciplinary SURREAL-ITN project and the collaboration of different researchers, supervisors, and beneficiaries can promote quality of life in terms of health in cities and bring healthier people physically and mentally.

The use of Virtual Reality in Urban Health Research

In my project, I want to use my background in Virtual Reality as a method to explore environmental attributes that can encourage people to walk more often and have lower stress levels. I want to identify environmental attributes that can affect people's physical activity by simulating comparable walking routes in Virtual Reality and assess people's stress levels, physical activity, emotional experiences, and preferences of VR walking routes.

Alongside my passion for making a healthier and more active world, I enjoy traveling and experiencing different cultures.

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