Early Stage Researcher

Wageningen University (Netherlands)
Global health
Research interests
Participatory research, action research, social determinants of health
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Julie Rolandt, MSc

I want to live in a love-full world where "wellbeing" is valued most

From medicine to a healthy world

Hello! My name is Julie and I lived most years of my life, which has been going on for more than 26 years now, in the place where I was born: Antwerp (Belgium). There I completed medical studies and after many doubts, I continued my journey not as a doctor but as a global health student. In the current research project, I hope to combine working with people and working on a healthier world - which I interpret as filled with love, justice and empathy, strong and energetic bodies, and ‘thriving’ nature (including humans).

Defining and creating a healthy life with teenagers

The research project is about healthy living among teenagers. I want to define together with them what healthy living entails and how it is of interest to them, do research together on important aspects, and together design and implement actions to improve healthy living. It would be great, I think, to encourage critical reflection on how we actually want to live and to foster energy and confidence to try to achieve that way of living. Apart from striving for justice, feeling a connection between all beings and having intimate conversations, I also really enjoy being surrounded by music, the mountains and forests.

Blogs & updates written by Julie Rolandt, MSc

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