Early Stage Researcher

Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht (Netherlands)
Health promotion planning, Systematic review and meta analysis, Discriptive and regression analysis, Medical writing
Research interests
Implementation Science, Environmental Epidemiology, Cardiovascular Epidemiology, Quantitative Epidemiology, Social Epidemiology
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Gurkeerat Gill, MSc

A healthy and safe living environment is not a commodity or a luxury, while certainly, it is a necessity and birthright of every human to grow content and healthy.

A little bit about myself

My name is Gurkeerat Gill. I grew up in a family of farmers, military personnel and diplomats. This combination of different professional backgrounds in the family influenced my thinking significantly. However, since my childhood, human health has fascinated me enormously. Therefore, I pursued my bachelor's in Physiotherapy and master's in Public health. During my master’s, I worked on three different research topics (Infection prevention strategies and their link to human behaviour; Epidemiological trends of food borne infections in high income countries; Climate change and eco-epidemiology of infectious diseases).

Research interests

During my master's studies, I developed an intense interest in Environmental health. I also did a research internship at the Institute of hygiene (an institution under the Ministry of Health, Lithuania). Studying different environmental factors and their enchanted impacts on health encouraged me to explore these factors in-depth.

My holy grail

I want to analyse the relationship between different environmental exposures and human health while exploring the possible solutions to protect human health related to these environmental exposures. It implies that knowledge and insights gained from my research can be highly beneficial to plan preventive strategies to promote human health.

Behind the curtains

Besides the study and research, I also worked as a youth worker for four years. As a youth worker, I participated in various informal and non-formal projects (focusing on different social causes) funded by the EU and implemented in different EU countries. Additionally, I also participated in writing and managing some of those projects. Well, that's not all, I also love to read classic novels, listen to vintage music, forest bath, long talks and walks. Did someone say something about board games? Oh I love that sound!!

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