Early Stage Researcher

Universiteit Hasselt (Belgium)
Public Health, Environmental Epidemiology, Molecular Toxicology
Research interests
Environmental Epidemiology, GIS, Bone health, Green spaces, Air pollution, Epigenetic modifications
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Ana Inês Silva, MSc

From Southern to Western Europe

Olá! I was born and raised in Porto, Portugal. My curiosity for developmental genetics drove me to move to Vila Real, a sunny city in the North of Portugal, where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Genetics and Biotechnology and a master’s in Laboratory and Clinical Biology. During the last years, I gained a vast research experience while working as research assistant in the field of environmental epidemiology and molecular toxicology. In the meantime, I had the opportunity to also perform some research abroad, namely in Norway, USA and Sweden. Currently, I am enrolled in a PhD in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Hasselt, in Hasselt, Belgium.

The SURREAL project

Within SURREAL ITN, my PhD project aims to investigate the impact of urban exposures on specific early life outcomes. More deeply, it will allow to understand the relation between green spaces, internal black carbon load in children and bone health outcomes. I truly believe that my research will provide a more complete picture of how urban exposures can shape the health of generations and support the implementation of evidence-based and effective health promotion and disease prevention policies in the early stages of life allowing timely interventions to prevent adverse effects and its potential progression into chronic diseases, at later stages of life.

Personal observations

I enjoy traveling, whenever I can. Sunny places, with different cultural backgrounds and animal biodiversity, are my key choices. In the last 2 years, due to COVID restrictions, I became even more passionate about the little things in life.


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